So, you have a vision to be your own boss and it seems that your prayers go unanswered. Inspiration, realism, and goal-digging paired with scripture and prayer are the formula in Blessed + Bossed Up. Using her own journey as a diving board, Tatum Temia plunges deep into her struggles with believing and trusting that God wanted her to be an entrepreneurial success. Using the word of God as her platform, she offers helpful guidance to ‘boss up’ in any entrepreneurial venture. Being your own boss takes more than a popular social media profile and a vision board, it takes strength, grit, and a well-formed, relationship with God. As a Christian yearning for guidance in your life’s mission, this book is for you. Blessed + Bossed Up will help you stop drowning in frustration or treading the waters of uncertainty. Get the answers you have been seeking here, shedding self-doubt and putting on the armor of God.

Blessed + Bossed Up: Surrendering Your Ambition So God Can Have His Way

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