GOD is my CEO: A Prayer Journal For Entrepreneurs is a journal specifically for women in business looking to build their relationship with God. Created by Tatum Temia of the Blessed & Bossed Up Podcast (formerly known as The Black Girl Boss Podcast), this journal is the first of its kind and a necessity for the ambitious, Christian, entrepreneur. Features + How to Use: Guided Journal Space for Morning and Evening time with GodSurrender Your Business: It’s important to understand that both you and God can not be in control at the same time. Surrendering your business to God means that you are no longer the CEO, you are the manager. It then becomes your responsibility to manage the day to day of your business, but take overall direction from God himself. As humans, it is natural for us to want to be in control, but in order to be successful you have to surrender it all to God. Use this section of the journal to write out opportunities you are believing in God for, goals you are surrendering to God, and a prayer over your business. Recite this prayer everyday and remember: But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! -John 15:7Million Dollar Ideas: As you grow in your relationship with God, he will begin to show you new business ideas, strategies, and the list goes on. Use this space to write those things down so you can always refer back to them. The best thing about the business ideas that come from God is that the success is guaranteed, so don’t forget to write them down!Answered Prayers: In this space, record your answered prayers. It is important on your journey to be able to go back and reference the prayers that God has answered. If he did it for you once, he will for sure do it again.Journaling Pages: The daily guided journal pages are broken into morning and evening. In the morning, follow the prompts on each page to start your day with God. In the evening, carve out time to reflect on your day and your journey.I feel, but I know: As you embark on your journey of a Christian Entrepreneurship, you are in for double the difficulty, but double the blessing. Building a business is hard on its own and so is growing in your relationship with Christ so don’t go into this assuming it will be a walk in the park. Use this resource in the back of the book as a GPS of sorts, to find comfort during your most difficult times along this journey. I feel, but I know, represents the acknowledgement of how we feel during the struggling times, but reminds us of the TRUTH that is in God’s word.Sermon Notes: Whether you attend church in person or virtually, taking notes allows you to not just have one encounter with the word. Use this section to take notes so that you can reference them later in your quiet time.

God is my CEO: A Prayer Journal for Entrepreneurs